What is EquityShield?

Protecting owners' hard-earned equity in Real Estate for years.

The primary intent and purpose of EquityShield is to secure and lock-in the current market value of your property, so in the event of a property market downturn, the property owner is protected from losing any equity or profit.

EquityShield provides the following features:

  • Lock-In current market value to guard your equity and value.
  • Guard yourself against property value declines.
  • EquityShield is available for vacant land, residential, industrial, commercial and specialised properties.
  • As the market rises, you can uplift the "agreed value" to lock-in your equity or profit.

EquityShield is a Purchase Option Contract (POC) for you to sell your property at the "agreed value", during the 10 year Term of the EquityShield POC.

LIVN Pty Ltd uses proprietary historical and actuarial analysis to determine the "agreed value" of your property.

LIVN Pty Ltd may require a valuation, but this is generally included in the fee and is usually payable by LIVN Pty Ltd.

Exercising of the EquityShield POC can occur after 24 months from commencement of the EquityShield POC.

If you exercise the EquityShield POC the sale will result in you receiving the full amount of the "agreed value". There are no selling costs or fees payable by the holder of the EquityShield POC, except their own conveyancing/legal fees.

The EquityShield POC "agreed value" can be raised by mutual agreement and payment of an additional fee to the new increased "agreed value". In this instance the EquityShield POC is supporting your "stop loss" position and locking in the new equity and profit.

The EquityShield POC fee is a 'one off' charge payable either in a lump sum at commencement of the EquityShield POC or may be paid monthly over 24 months.

Small cost...Substantial peace of mind!