About Us

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About Us

Protecting owners' hard-earned equity in Real Estate for years

Inremco 26 Limited is a UK based global specialist in risk management, assessment, acquisition, financial structure and property management.

Inremco 26 Limited and their subsidiaries are presently operating in the UK and Europe, and are now expanding into the Australasian market via their Australian company (LIVN Pty Ltd)

LIVN Pty Ltd, in addition to its own substantial capitalisation, is guaranteed by Inremco 26 Limited, which has vast international property holdings and decades of experience.

An actuarial determination of AUD $4 Billion Option Contract value capacity is presently available for the Australian market.

Having traded successfully through the Global Financial Crisis, the parent corporate entity continues to maintain enviable credit ratings from leading rating Agencies.

The utilizisation of proprietary evaluation systems, together with actuary specialist input, provides assessment, agreement and finally, protection of your property's current value.