Security Of Value - Surprisingly Simple

With an Equityshield Put Option Contract (POC), you can protect the value of your house, office, construction project or any real estate holdings for up to 10 years

Tailored Solutions For Your Situation


Real Estate

An Equityshield POC is suitable for all property types, from new or existing residential, subdivisions, high-rises, industrial and commercial properties.


City buildings project, 3d wireframe print, design. Architecture


From pre-sale underwriting, stop loss strategies, funding solutions and more, an Equityshield POC can provide developers with a secure exit strategy.



We understand that each project is as unique as you are, so contact us today to discuss how we can help you build the smarter way.

Seller solution


An Equityshield POC gives the ‘seller’ the ability to ‘hold’ an asking price for a property and can be assigned to a new owner during the 10 year contract period.