Can you show me an example of how EquityShield works?

Assume your property is worth $400,000 and EquityShield agrees with your market appraisal, then this will become the “agreed value” for inclusion in the EquityShield Purchase Option Contract.

By entering into the EquityShield Purchase Option Contract at this “agreed value”, you have secured and locked in the value of your property at $400,000 minimum.

In exchange for the one-time EquityShield Option fee, you can now rely on the EquityShield Purchase Option Contract to ensure that, as a minimum sale value for your property, you will receive the “agreed value” of $400,000.

You can exercise the EquityShield Option any time after the first 2 years, up to the end of the 10 year term.

There is no obligation, whatsoever, for you to sell the property unless YOU choose to do so! You now know the exact minimum you will receive if you decide to sell your property.

Should the market price rise for your property above the “agreed value”, then you are naturally free to sell on the open market.